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The most comprehensive DevSecOps Platform, from planning to production. Collaborate across your organization, ship secure code faster, and drive business results.

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Enterprises rely on DevSecOps to help their teams ship software faster. What worked well for individual projects will be difficult to scale across the enterprise. Unlike brittle toolchains built on point solutions, GitLab lets teams iterate faster and collaborate, removing complexity and risk, providing everything you need to deliver higher quality, more secure software faster.

DevSecOps at scale

Eliminate click-ops, introduce checks and balances essential for cloud native adoption.

One Platform for Dev, Sec, and Ops


Visualize and optimize your entire DevSecOps lifecycle with platform-wide analytics within the same system where you do your work.

DevSecOps simplified

Use a common set of tools across teams and lifecycle stages, without dependencies on third-party plugins or APIs that can disrupt your workflow.


Scan for vulnerabilities and compliance violations with each commit.

Transparent and compliant

Automatically capture and correlate all actions—from planning to code changes to approvals—for easy traceability during audits or retrospectives.

Easy to scale

Reference architectures show you how to scale high availability for installations with more than 50,000 users.


Deploy GitLab onto a Kubernetes cluster and horizontally scale. No downtime on upgrades. Use GitOps workflow or CI/CD workflow.

The complete DevSecOps platform for Public Sector

Starting with one DevSecOps platform that includes secure and robust source code management (SCM), continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and continuous software security and compliance, GitLab addresses your unique needs such as these:

Agile Delivery

Plan, initiate, prioritize, and manage innovation initiatives, with complete visibility and connection into the work being done.

Automated Software Delivery

Review your project’s software bill of materials with key details about the dependencies used, including their known vulnerabilities.

Continuous Security & Compliance

Shift security left and automate compliance throughout the development process to reduce risk and delays.

Value Stream Management

Provide actionable insight to every stakeholder in the organization, with visibility into every stage of ideation and development.


Geographically distributed teams use Geo to provide a fast and efficient experience across the globe with a warm-standby as part of a disaster recovery strategy.

High availability - at scale

Reference architecture for high availability over 50,000 users

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