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GitLab Duo features do not use your content to train models.


Our publicly available documentation describes all AI models used by GitLab Duo and understand exactly how your code base is utilized.

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GitLab Duo Capabilities

Code Suggestions Helps enable you to write code more efficiently by viewing code suggestions as you type.
Suggested Reviewers Helps you receive faster and higher quality reviews by automatically finding the right people to review a merge request.
Value Stream Forecasting Predicts productivity metrics and identifies anomalies across your software development lifecycle.
Discussion Summary Helps quickly get everyone up to speed on length conversations to ensure you are all on the same page.
Merge Request Summary Helps you as a merge request author to drive alignment and action by efficiently communicating the impact of their changes.
Vulnerability Explanation Helps developers remediate vulnerabilities more efficiently and uplevel their skills, enabling them to write more secure code.
Vulnerability resolution Assists developers in resolving vulnerabilities by generating a merge request containing the changes required to mitigate the vulnerability.
Code Review Summary Helps enable better handoffs between authors and reviewers and helps reviewers efficiently understand merge request suggestions.
Test Generation Automates repetitive tasks for you and helps catch bugs early.
Chat Helps you quickly identify useful information in large volumes like documentation.
Code Explanation Helps you get up to speed quickly by explaining source code.
Git Suggestions Assists developers in discovering or recalling git commands when they need them.
Issue Description Generation Helps ensure complete issue descriptions to keep everyone on the same page.
Root Cause Analysis Suggests potential ways to fix failed jobs to help reduce debugging time.
Merge request template population Allows you to quickly get started by generating a description for the merge request based on the template content.

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