GitLab for Small Businesses

With CI/CD, SCM, Agile Delivery, Dedicated Support and more, GitLab will help you ship code faster in order to drive greater business results.

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Our DevSecOps Platform brings teams together and grows with your needs — everything you need is built right in to ship code faster.


Source code management for version control, collaboration, and basic story planning.

Built-in CI/CD Templates

Automate all the steps required to build, test and deploy your code to your production environment.

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Agile Delivery for Teams

Plan and manage your projects, programs, and products with integrated Agile support.

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Dedicated Support

Access to experts to answer your questions and help solve your unique needs.

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Infrastructure automation and collaboration for cloud native, multicloud, and legacy environments.

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Automate entire workflows with GitLab CI/CD

Try an interactive demo on how to add security scans to your CI pipeline.
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Code Ownership and Protected Branches
Merge Requests with Approval Rules
Enterprise Agile Delivery
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Dynamic Application Security Testing
Security Dashboards
Vulnerability Management
Dependency Scanning
Container Scanning
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Now available to even more small businesses and startups, a program built to help accelerate your business.
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