GitLab for financial services

The DevSecOps platform for innovative financial institutions

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Security. Speed. Efficiency.

Reduce security and compliance risk

Detect vulnerabilities and security issues earlier in the development process and enforce policies to adhere to compliance requirements.
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Faster time to market

Improve your customers’ experience and get new features to them faster by automating your software delivery process with a complete DevSecOps platform.
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Decrease operational costs

Reduce toolchain complexity and enable greater collaboration, productivity, and innovation with a single solution.
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A complete DevSecOps platform for financial services

Help your customers with their financial needs more efficiently and securely with:

SBOM and dependencies

Get a clear view of your project’s dependencies or software bill of materials, including any known vulnerabilities and other key details such as the packager that installed each dependency and its software license.

Comprehensive security scanning

Detect vulnerabilities and secure your applications with built-in security tools, including SAST, secret detection, container scanning, cluster image scanning, DAST, IaC scanning, API fuzzing, and more.

Fuzz testing

Discover bugs and potential security issues that other QA processes may miss by adding coverage-guided fuzz testing to your pipelines in GitLab.

Common controls for compliance

Automate and enforce common controls with various GitLab features from protected branches and environments to merge request approvals, audit logs, artifact retention, and comprehensive security scanning.

Compliant workflow automation

Ensure the settings your compliance team configures stay configured that way and working correctly with compliance frameworks and pipelines.
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Uniquely suited for financial services

Built-in security scanning

Empower developers to find and fix security issues as they are created. Use GitLab’s built-in scanners — including SAST, DAST, container scanning, IaC scanning, and secret detection to name a few — and integrate custom scanners.

Supports your cloud journey

GitLab is designed for cloud-native applications and has tight integrations with Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud, and other cloud providers.

On-prem, self-hosted or SaaS

GitLab works in all environments. The choice is yours.

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