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Security. Efficiency. Control.

Discover security and compliance flaws early in the process while enforcing consistent guardrails throughout the entire DevSecOps lifecycle.

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The most comprehensive DevSecOps platform for Public Sector

Starting with the DevSecOps platform that includes secure and robust source code management (SCM), continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and continuous software security and compliance, GitLab addresses your unique needs such as these:


Review your project’s software bill of materials with key details about the dependencies used, including their known vulnerabilities.

Zero Trust

Learn how GitLab is following Zero Trust principals and demonstrating best practices.

Vulnerability management

Manage your software vulnerabilities all in one place — within the pipeline, for the project, groups of projects, and across your groups.

Fuzz testing

GitLab allows you to add fuzz testing to your pipelines, alongside a comprehensive set of scanners. Fuzz testing sends random inputs to an instrumented version of your application in order to cause unexpected behavior. This behavior indicates security and logic flaws that should be addressed.

Off-line environments

Even when disconnected from the internet, you can run most of the GitLab security scanners.

Common controls for compliance

Automate and enforce common policies like separation of duties, protected branches, and push rules.

Compliance pipelines

Enforce pipeline scan configurations to ensure required security scans are not circumvented.

Low to High development

Enable collaboration among varied development teams.

On-prem, self-hosted, or SaaS

GitLab works in all environments. The choice is yours.

Hardened container image

DoD-compliant hardened container image minimizes the risk profile, enables more secure applications to be deployed quickly, and supports continuous authority to operate processes; also accepted into the Iron Bank.
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Uniquely suited to the Public Sector


GitLab is aligned to NIST’s guidance, helping CIOs implement the required actions for software supply chain security to proactively defend their agencies. Learn more about how GitLab meets NIST SSDF 1.1 guidance.

The DI2E alternative

Access to DI2E, Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise, has been canceled, forcing agencies to rethink their entire DevSecOps model. GitLab is a solid alternative to DI2E and our single application simplifies procurement.

Supply chain visibility and control

GitLab’s DevSecOps Platform is delivered as a single, hardened application that simplifies end-to-end visibility and traceability. Security and compliance policies are managed and enforced consistently across all of your DevSecOps processes.

On-prem, self-hosted, or SaaS

The choice is yours.

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